Theatre is a form of art where performers present the experience of a real or imagines event before a live audience on a stage. Most Athenian tragedies dramatize events from Greek Mythology. Western theatre developed and expanded considerably under the Romans. In Sanskrit theatre, the Treatise gives most attention to acting, which consists of two styles: realistic and conventional. In Chinese theatre, as early as Shang Dynasty; theatrical entertainments involved happiness, mimes and acrobatic displays. Post-classical theatre in the West has comedies which were full of the young and very much in vogue, with the storyline following their love lives. Theatre includes: Drama, Musical Theatre, Comedy, Tragedy and Improvisation.
US Entertainment organizes theatre productions; from drama to improvisation we do it all. Our organizing team consists of Multi-talented minds who can give your play a new identity and can target the right audience. We create organizational environments increasingly favorable to the creation of theatre art and its presentation to appreciative audience. We take care of the personnel, financial and administrative aspects. We lead marketing and publicity activities for your theatre production keeping commercial aspects of theatre in our minds.
We recruit and manage staff from the box office to back stage and we are responsible for HR processes such as training. Customer care for us is crucial; we ensure that the public gets the most of their experience. We plan forthcoming events, which include applying knowledge of audiences, ensuring a balance between different types of productions, being aware of which productions have been well received elsewhere.